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Buying a new business

I have always wanted to own my own business, but I have never had that one big idea that I thought I could turn into a business. Recently one of the guys I went to uni with has approached me about me about buying his business from him. I'm excited about the idea of finally being my own boss and getting to run my own business. This blog is all about buying a new business and has some tips on what you need to know before you buy a business. I hope it will be useful for anyone contemplating the same move.


The Many Advantages of Using Steel as a Structural Frame

27 April 2016
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When you're having a new home or commercial facility built, you may leave many decisions to the builder or contractor. However, he or she may also ask for you to decide on certain factors because they will affect your overall budget and the durability of your structure, and the like. If you have been asked to choose the structural frame material, you might want to consider steel. Note a few reasons why this is and the advantages it offers over standard wood and other such materials. Read More …