A Guide On Buffalo Turf

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A Guide On Buffalo Turf

25 January 2023
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A landscape is an essential aspect of modern properties. Besides enhancing the property's appeal, it also increases buyers' interest in the property. Buffalo grass is quite popular in Australia due to its unique properties. Below is an article detailing all you need to know about this grass variety. 

What Are The Benefits Of Buffalo Grass? 

A significant advantage of buffalo grass is that it is easy to maintain. Typically, the grass has drought-resistant properties that make it the ideal grass for warm climates. Therefore, you do not have to worry about yellow patches on your landscape when you plant buffalo grass on your property. Additionally, you do not have to mow the grass every few days. Another advantage of buffalo grass is that it has a robust root system. It makes it the ideal grass to control soil erosion on your landscape. Finally, buffalo grass is readily available in most Australian towns. It makes it cheaper than imported varieties. 

What Considerations Should You Make When Buying Buffalo Grass?

You have three options when buying buffalo grass: seed, sod or artificial turf. Seed is an ideal choice for homeowners who want a healthy lawn. Typically, a seeded lawn develops a strong root system that forms the foundation for a beautiful lawn. Its downside is that it takes time to grow and requires proper maintenance, such as weeding and applying fertiliser. Sod suits homeowners who want to grow their lawns quickly. For example, it could be you want to sell the property or control erosion on your landscape. However, conduct due diligence to ensure the sod purchased suits the area's climate. The sod should not contain weeds or pests. Otherwise, it might not guarantee a healthy and lush lawn. 

Artificial turf suits homeowners who want to avoid the hassles of growing grass on their lawns. Typically, you choose the colour, shade, texture and density of your preferred grass. The seller then prepares your landscape and installs the grass within a few days. The primary benefit of this grass is that it is low maintenance, and you can move with it to your new residence. 

Remember to take care of the buffalo turf on your landscape. For example, remove weeds and use artificial fertiliser varieties to keep the grass healthy. Moreover, water the grass once in a while to prevent wilting.  

Reach out to a supplier in your area to learn more about buffalo grass