Everything you should know about road markings

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Everything you should know about road markings

19 October 2019
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You use vehicles in your-day to-day hustles. And when travelling, both the driver and the passengers hope for a safe journey. However, if you are a driver, you are responsible for the passengers' safety, and that is why you should understand all road signs, especially the road markings.

Although most drivers are accustomed to roads as well as the signs, new drivers experience a challenge. This guide will dive more into road markings, what they mean, and also mention how line marking machines provide reliable road marking solutions.

Types of roads markings

There are different types of road markings in Australia. Each class is made with a separate Graco line marking machine with a unique colour, and different colors symbolize different directions. The primary examples of road markings include the following:

Longitudinal markings: Longitudinal markings lie along the roadway traffic direction, and their main aim is to help the driver remain in the best position in the road. The standard longitudinal markings are traffic lane lines, centerlines and much more.

Intersectional markings: Intersectional road lines show the meeting point of two roads. The main types of intersection markings are the give-way lines, stop tracks, cyclist crossings, pedestrian crossings and much more.

Other essential road markings are transverse markings, object markings, parking markings and much more.

Benefits of road markings

Provide safety: Toad markings guide both drivers and pedestrians, and thus prevents accidents.

Maintain organization: Road markings allow vehicles to stay organized in the lanes and therefore maintain order in the roads.

Aesthetics: A properly painted road or pavement improves the appearance of the streets, making the environment beautiful.

How line marking machines improve road safety

As mentioned above, road lines help to keep both pedestrians and vehicles in order, and thus improve safety. Graco line marking machines are made of high-quality materials and contain solid paints. After the original marking, it takes a long period before painting again, despite the changes in the weather. Besides, the machines are operated by qualified professionals who not only mark the roads, but also educate people on how to observe the lines.

Road linings are one of the things which improves safety in both vast highways and tiny roads. Due to their nature of purpose, the probability of fading due to wear and tear is always high. It is, however, possible to reduce the fading by using top-notch Graco line marking machines according to instructions.