High-Pressure Washers: Must-Know Safety Tips for All First-Time Users

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High-Pressure Washers: Must-Know Safety Tips for All First-Time Users

7 November 2016
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Pressure washers bring so much convenience to your home or business facility. Unlike the traditional techniques, you would resort to when you want to clean surfaces, these washers come with a high-pressure mechanical sprayer used to release jets of hot or cold water. These jets are effective at removing grime, mould, dirt and loose paint from the surface that you are cleaning. However, don't be carried away by the upsides of your high-pressure washer and fail to pay attention to the safety hazards that it poses. If care is not taken, pressure washers can lead to severe injuries and damage during normal operation. As a first time user, here are some of the safety tips you must have at your fingertips when using your pressure washer:

Read the Manufacturer's Manual

The first step to operating your pressure washer safely is to read and understand the manufacturer's manual. The manual will outline all the operational procedures and the maintenance needs of the pressure washer's engine and other parts. It will also help you to identify any mechanical breakdowns, broken or missing parts for the safe operation of the machine.

Beware of Injection Hazard

Just as the name suggests, pressure washers generate lots of force that should be managed properly to avoid physical injuries. The machine can result in serious injuries if the gushing water penetrates skin or hits against an open wound. To avoid this, restrain from pointing the nozzle at any part of your body, other people or animals nearby. Lastly, you should seek medical advice from a qualified professional in case of an injury.

Beware of Possible Explosions

Electrical- and fuel-powered pressure washers pose the risk of explosions and fire during operation. You must be careful when working in sections with flammable liquids or material. Don't spray the gushing jet on flammable liquids or dust. Moreover, avoid using solvents and acids, as they can cause physical injury to you, damage the machine irreversibly or react chemically to cause an explosion when the machine is running.

Hold the Gun with Both Hands

When using the pressure washer, you need to be wary of gun kickbacks. This refers to the backward momentum generated by the force of the fluid gushing out of the pressure washer. Technically, Kickback is the equal and opposite reaction of the frontward force generated by the pressure washer's gun. It is the reason you need to hold the pressure washer's gun with both hands to ensure that you have total control over the machine. This will keep the gun from dislodging out of your hands accidentally and causing an injury.

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