Electrical Safety: Preventive Maintenance Tips for Electrical Switchgear

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Electrical Safety: Preventive Maintenance Tips for Electrical Switchgear

2 November 2016
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Electricity is an essential utility in most industries and businesses today. When it comes to distribution, care should be taken when handling the systems to prevent deadly electrical mishaps and hazards. Switchgear should be installed to maintain safety at all levels of power distribution. These are protective devices that control and protect electrical power equipment if there's a fault. They also help in isolating equipment during maintenance and repairs.

When switchgear malfunctions, the consequences are usually catastrophic. The damage to the switchgear and electrical equipment can set you back financially. For this reason, it is important to observe the following preventive maintenance tips to protect your electrical equipment.

Infrared inspections

Infrared inspections are meant to detect loose bus and panel connections that could lead to temperature fluctuations within the system and cause equipment issues. The inspection is carried out using an infrared camera, which can detect the temperature levels on surfaces of switchgear components such as the buses. If there are any abnormalities in the temperature levels, the loose or defective components are identified and tightened or repaired. Infrared inspections should be carried out regularly to facilitate optimal performance of the switchgear.

Power system review

Industries that extensively use electricity have various systems and equipment connected to the main power system. Carrying out a regular assessment of the system's parameters, the active and reactive power at peak and standard loads, phase angles, and voltage can help you determine the performance of the switchgear's circuit breakers. Circuit breakers discontinue electricity flow if there is a fault, and they can prevent electrical hazards such as fires that result from overheated equipment. If the circuit breakers are not working optimally, the power system review will be able to unearth any defects. They should be replaced to avoid hazards that would result from their failure.

Partial discharge testing

Partial discharge testing provides critical information on the quality of insulation in electrical systems and its effect on electrical equipment. Insulation failure can cause damage to your equipment and injury to individuals who come into contact with the affected electrical systems. Partial discharge testing and monitoring can facilitate early detection of insulation failure allow you to undertake repairs and avert any serious accidents that could have resulted from it.

These maintenance tips can facilitate the optimal performance of your switchgear and ensure that your equipment is protected from electrical hazards. Seek the services of an experienced professional for regular maintenance of your switchgear and other electrical systems.