Improving Accuracy When Shooting A Hand Gun

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Improving Accuracy When Shooting A Hand Gun

27 October 2016
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Whether you visit a shooting range to shoot your hand gun just for fun or whether you aspire to succeed in competitions, having good aim is what it's all about.  Here are some top tips to help you perfect your aim and improve your shooting.

Live ammunition isn't necessary

When you're trying to perfect your aim, firing live ammo can actually cause problems.  When you discharge your weapon with live ammunition, you'll experience a degree of recoil that can push your firing off target.  If you practice without having your gun loaded, you can concentrate more easily on keeping the gun correctly balanced and still without the distraction of the recoil and sound of a live discharge.

To get the most benefit from dry firing, invest in a laser sight to give you a better idea of where you are actually aiming your shot.

Work on building muscle memory

A very effective way of improving your aim and firing technique is by developing muscle memory.  It's really just a case of practising firing drills over and over again until your hand and eye perform the routine automatically in much the same way as when you learn to ride a bike.  You can practice the drills dry as well as live, and this is also a good way of teaching your muscles to react to the effect of recoil whilst still maintaining accuracy.

Don't get trigger happy

It's much easier to keep your aim accurate if you squeeze the trigger, rather than pulling it.  Pulling the trigger can cause the gun to move in your grip, distorting your aim, whereas squeezing is a smoother movement that helps to keep the weapon more still and the shot more accurate.

Keep your sights on perfect shots

In order for your shots to be accurate and on target you must pay attention to your gun sights. When aiming at the target, keep the top of the rear sight exactly level with the top of the front sight.  You also need to align the front sight with both sides of the rear sight.  Don't take your shot until you are confident that you have the sights perfectly level and in alignment.  Take your time and don't rush to take the shot or you risk disturbing the alignment of the sights and wobbling off target.

You can improve your aim and ensure greater accuracy and success at the gun range by following the hints and tips given above.  For more help in improving your technique, ask at your local gun range; they often have pros who are pleased to offer expert advice.