Considerations Prior To Air Conditioning Installation

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Considerations Prior To Air Conditioning Installation

27 October 2016
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If you are planning to install a new air conditioning unit in your home, you should note that it is not simply about walking into a store and buying the most economical system. Pricing is not the only aspect that would impact your decision. Here is a review of the different considerations that you should have prior to air conditioning installation.

What is the cooling capacity of the system?

The first thing that you should have in mind when making a selection of air conditioning systems would be the cooling capacity that you would require. A mistake some individuals make is assuming the higher the cooling capacity, the better suited it would be for their home. The truth is your home's specific dimensions are what should be taken into account when determining the most appropriate cooling capacity of the system. Some of the points to note would include the height of your ceilings, the level at which the unit will be mounted on the walls, the number of residents in the home, the size of your windows and more. To make this easier for you, you may want to carry along floor plans of your home to make it easier for the HVAC contractors to narrow down your options for you.

What is the energy efficiency of the system?

Air conditioning systems account for a significant amount of energy consumption in your home. One of the best ways to determine the energy efficiency of the systems you are contemplating would be by establishing their SEER rating. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio. This rating determines the amount of cooling your home will receive in relation to the amount of energy being consumed. The rule of thumb is the higher the SEER rating of the system, the higher its overall energy efficiency.

What type of installation suits your needs?

Air conditioning installation will vary from one system to another. For instance, ducted systems would be  better suited to residences that already have previously established ductwork. Ducted systems are also a suitable alternative for homeowners who are engaging in a new home build, as their air conditioning system will be incorporated into the house plans of the new home. If the prospect of renovations is not appealing to you, you could consider ductless systems. Ductless systems are also ideal if you would like a relatively inaudible air conditioning system, as their main components are sheltered outdoors.