Balustrades: What Materials Should You Make Them From?

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Balustrades: What Materials Should You Make Them From?

26 October 2016
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Balustrades refer to the railings that you use in and around the home. Typically found on staircases, balustrades are also installed on decks, balconies or any other raised surface that you would like to secure to prevent accidents in the form of falling over. In addition to the security they add to these spaces, balustrades are also a great way to enhance the appeal of these areas and your home as a whole. As such, you will find they come in a wide assortment of materials to suit your interior and exterior home décor. Familiarising yourself with the choices available to you enables you to make a decision on what would be most suitable. So what materials should you make your balustrades from?


Balustrades made from glass are one of the appealing options that you could use for your home. Nevertheless, there are some individuals under the wrong assumption that this would be the least secure option for balustrading. The reality is glass used for balustrading is put through extensive processes during the manufacturing stage in an attempt to enhance its innate strength. This processing results in tempered or toughened glass that will be able to withstand high impact.

With this in mind, you have the flexibility of using glass as balustrading both indoors as well as outdoors. Glass balustrades would make a great addition to a deck or balcony overlooking your property, as it will provide you with sweeping views of your yard without any obstructions. You can also use them on staircases if you would like to create the illusion of additional space in your home.


If you have opted for contemporary design in your home, chances are you will gravitate toward contemporary materials. Steel is one of the popular options for balustrades in homes with modern décor. This is because this material will provide your home with clean, sleek lines that will blend seamlessly with your contemporary design. Steel balustrades are also quite versatile in design as they come in a wide assortment of styles.

You could opt for rounded steel balustrades to add a soft touch to your home. On the other hand, you could choose square poles that will make your interiors look edgy. Lastly, you can opt for decorative steel balustrades that come with ornate filigree designs. It should be noted that steel balustrades would not be ideal for the outdoors as they could gradually corrode due to exposure to moisture.

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