3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Recycled Timber For Construction

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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Recycled Timber For Construction

20 September 2016
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Unlike new timber, recycled timber is salvaged from pre-existing constructions. It's then milled, measured, cut and then kiln-dried. In the end, the finished product is just as good as new timber. Recycled timber is becoming an increasingly acceptable product for all manner of constructions. It's being used for residential builds, civil projects, and commercial projects as well. If you have a build on your hands, here are some good reasons to jump on the 'recycled timber' bandwagon.

Recycled timber is cheaper than new timber Because recycled timber is not freshly cut from trees, it has a lower cost of production most of the time. All that is needed is for it to be transported back to the factory and processed. This is unlike fresh timber that has to be sourced in forests, logged, cut and then transported over long distances. As such, timber resellers have to adjust their timber prices as per their costs, which means that recycled timber is cheaper than new timber. So although the quality is almost the same, recycled timber presents you with an opportunity to shave some costs off your build budget.

Recycled timber has that classic charm There is something special about old items that have lasted for years and are still able to compete with newer products without losing their edge. That's the same classic feel that recycled timber offers. It's the same charm that drives people to choose vintage cars over newer models. Though it may be indistinguishable from new timber, there is a certain edge to recycled timber that only those who know the history of the timber can appreciate. So if you appreciate the timelessness and beauty of vintage items, recycled timber is for you.

Recycled timber will help save the environment Caring for the environment by buying recycled materials is not a fad. It's a real cause geared to helping conserve the already limited natural resources remaining on the planet, as well as reducing carbon emissions. When you buy recycled timber, you reduce the need to cut down valuable trees growing in forests, which helps to keep the planet safer and healthier for all. You also reduce the amount of energy used in logging, transportation, and processing; a process that limits the harmful emissions causing ozone depletion and global warming.

Recycled timber from Australian hardwoods is readily available all over. Just confirm from your supplier that it's structural timber and that it has been dried to specifications. After that, all that remains is for you to choose the right shade and measurements for your build. Considering that recycled timber is carefully selected and prepared, you can use it for anything, from flooring and decking to roofing and other structural applications.