Line Marking Paint versus Line Marking Powder

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Line Marking Paint versus Line Marking Powder

13 September 2016
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If you've been tasked with marking the lines on your local club sports pitch, you may be wondering what kind of line marking product to use.  The choice is basically line marking paint or line marking powder; so what's the difference and which would be the best option for your particular job?  Read on for a helpful comparison.

Line marking paint

Line marking paint is versatile and easy to use.  It generally comes ready-prepared, meaning that there's no need for messy measuring and mixing before you can load up your line marking machine. 

If you wanted to save storage space and money, you could choose a more concentrated line marking paint that you mix with water yourself.  The containers used for this type of line marking paint are more compact than for the ready mixed version, and you can decide on the concentration of the final mix yourself.

Line marking paint is often kinder to line marking machines, as it doesn't clog and disrupt the flow of marker through the machine.  Line marking paint is usually supplied in plastic containers, making it easy to store and handle.

Although you can use line marking paint on grass, it is better suited for marking out asphalt, tarmac or hard courts.  Line marking paint can be used on artificial sports pitches, but always ensure that you choose a make that is synthetic surface specific to avoid damaging your pitch.

 Line marking paint is ideal for use on:

  • artificial football pitches
  • cricket squares
  • kids' playgrounds
  • basketball and netball courts
  • hard, clay or synthetic tennis courts
  • hockey and lacrosse pitches

If you want to retard grass growth on your turf pitch so that your lines last longer, choose a line marking paint with herbicide additives.

Line marking powder

Line marking powders are generally used on grass pitches and can be viewed as more versatile than line marking paints.  You can choose to use the product as a powder if the pitch is very muddy, and you can also decide how much water to use in the mix, depending on how liquid you want the product to have.  For this reason, line marking powder can work out to be more cost effective to use than line marking paint.

However, because of the mixing process involved in preparing the powder, this can be a rather messy option.

Line marking powders can be tricky to store, because they are usually supplied in paper sacks and need to be kept somewhere dry and dark so that the product doesn't spoil.

In conclusion

Line marking powders and paints both have advantages and disadvantages.  Use the comparison above to help you decide which option would be best for you, and ask a supplier, such as A1 Roadlines Pty. Ltd, for more information and advice.