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Buying a new business

I have always wanted to own my own business, but I have never had that one big idea that I thought I could turn into a business. Recently one of the guys I went to uni with has approached me about me about buying his business from him. I'm excited about the idea of finally being my own boss and getting to run my own business. This blog is all about buying a new business and has some tips on what you need to know before you buy a business. I hope it will be useful for anyone contemplating the same move.


3 Ways to Save Money When Building Your New School Computer Lab

24 October 2016
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Building a new computer lab at your school can be a nightmare if you're on a tight budget. From hardware to software, everything seems to cost hundreds -- if not thousands -- of dollars that your school just doesn't have. However, if you're savvy, you can save plenty of money and set up your computer lab at a fraction of the usual cost. Here are 3 tips for building a school computer room on a budget. Read More …

Under Pressure: Choosing The Best Type Of Tyre Pressure Gauge For Your Needs

14 September 2016
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Keeping your car's tyres properly inflated and pressurised is obviously vital for safe driving, and checking your tyre pressure frequently is the best away to avoid any nasty surprises on the road. There are a variety of pressure gauge types available, and while they can be dramatically different in terms of form and function, they are all extremely useful accessories for any driver. However, these different types of tyre pressure gauge come with their own pros and cons, so make sure the type you choose is the most suited to your needs before you buy. Read More …